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Winter Skills

You can have “an experience” with crampons on, or you can learn how to truly be a winter mountaineer. 

Meet up with one of our instructors and learn the basic skills to enable you to enjoy the Scottish Hills in winter. We will cover the use of ice axe and crampons; snow craft and weather; route choice and navigation. You can plan your own winter skills course according to how many days you have available. One day is great, three days are better, five days gives enough flexibility for a summer walker to become a winter mountaineer.

The instructor / client ratio is one instructor to (up to) four clients. The cost, for up to four people, is £220 / day.

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Scottish Winter

People travel from all over the World to come and sample Scottish Winter Climbing. It is quite simply unique.

Having grasped the basic skills, why not enter the world of the vertical. Snow, ice and turf at a grade with which you are comfortable. The aim is to help you progress safely as a climber and to improve generally as a mountaineer.

The instructor / client ratio is 1:2. (Come by yourself if you prefer). The cost, for one or two people, is £220 / day.

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