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Cyclists in the Mountains

Mountain Bike Leadership Level 2

Training & Assessment

British Mountain Bike Leader Award Level 2 courses are run by Fells & Forest on behalf of British Cycling, the award replaces the TCL and is the most widely respected mountain bike award in the UK, recognized by all bodies as the definitive standard for mountain bike leaders and instructors working in non-remote terrain.

The Fells & Forest training course follows the syllabus laid down by BMLA (British Cycling) but adds 30 plus years of experience of outdoor delivery. Our aim is to train leaders and instructors to deliver dynamic and inspiring mountain bike sessions for beginners and intermediate level riders. Over the years we’ve seen most things and we want to pass on what we’ve learned. (£200pp).

An assessment should be fair, balanced and present good opportunities for learning. All candidates should present themselves for assessment having studied the syllabus, completed at least ten rides of varying length and at varying locations, and having worked through any areas highlighted in their individual “action plan”.

The assessor will expect the candidate to turn up with the appropriate equipment for leading a group in an unfamiliar area and with a bike that is in good working order. Some maps will be provided by Fells & Forest, but candidates should come prepared with the appropriate trail map (if appropriate) and a copy/tile of the OS 1;50,000 map for the area of assessment.

Assessments come with enough stresses and strains of their own without the assessor adding to them unnecessarily. Although each candidate will be asked to lead at various times during the day and to perform various tasks pertaining to the role of a Level 2 Leader, there will be no tricks or role-play to catch people out.

It is quite possible that your assessment will be an enjoyable experience that comes with some great opportunities for further training. It’s also possible that each candidate will go away as a better instructor and leader.  (£110pp).

"We have a bit of “mantra” that outdoor instruction should be "inspired and not insipid". Throughout the two-day training course, the syllabus is interspersed with “top tips” and “handy hints” that enable the candidate to fulfil their potential as a leader and instructor.

Our next assessments are:  

 August 5th 2022 (Dalbeattie)

Our next Level 2 Training courses are:

April 21st - 22nd 2022 (Dalbeattie)

May 30th - 31st 2022 (Dalbeattie)

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