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Mountain Bike How To

For most people, riding a bike is so much more than exercise, although that's where it started for many.
Riding a bike with people, riding a bike in nice places and riding a bike well are all component parts of an enjoyable day.

People and places are fairly easy to sort out but technical competence is a little more tricky.

Much like our "How To Gravel Ride" course, our "Mountain Bike How To" is designed to impart that technical competence for new or improving mountain bikers in a way that enables them to enjoy the journey on any terrain. (Our "How To" courses are also run in nice places with great people).

The morning is spent setting up your bike so that you have the maximum control and comfort whilst riding.
We then look at the basics: Gear choice, braking, cornering, steep ups and steep downs. (This is a workshop session where everybody is encouraged to try new things, loose bad habits and enjoy riding competently)

The afternoon is a guided ride (nice places/great people) where you can put the skills into context on the trails, take photos and generally feel awesome.

The cost for a Mountain Bike "How To" day is £220 with a ration of 1:4 (so bring three friends, split the bill and quadruple the enjoyment)

Mountain Bike (in a serviceable condition)
Spares (Tube/pump)
Clothing suitable for the weather on the day (we ride whatever the weather)

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